Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Favorite Things {while on Maternity Leave}

On this short maternity leave of ours,
I have come to look forward to a few 
favorite things.

In no particular order 
{other than my stream of half awake consciousness}


I love waking up to my 4 year old 
{his face two inches from mine}
"Mommy, the sun is up, 
why are you still sleeping?!".
{guess he won't understand why I'm still sleeping 
until he's had a few kids of his own}

And then after heading downstairs with baby in tow
{for coffee and cartoons of course},
I love grabbing my iPad
and reading NieNie and CJane.
Though I am not mormon,
{am Lutheran but oDdLy enough have been confused with being mormon}
I must admit,
I am rather addicted to these two lovely ladies mommy blogs.


And then among other favorites,
there's the strange things 
the Ellison kids seem to get into 
through out the day...

Like this. What do you get when you cross
a 4 year old,
with a Coca-Cola Halloween Costume (in July),
with a 4th of July flag,
with a Coca-Cola Christmas ornament,
and a Firehouse Sub Fireman's hat?

A mommy's laugh!!!

And then he falls 
and can't 
get up!


{No, I'm not cruel - I did pick him up 
- eventually I did anyway!}


And then there is feeding time in Thomas the Tank Engine,
and I'm being shooed away...

I wonder if changing dirty diapers 
works in that train too?!

~Hugs, Millyroux & Co.

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