Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reagan Dairies...

Why the Reagan Diaries?

President Reagan kept a diary when he was in office. He wrote in a series of leather bound diaries for the entire 8 years of his two terms. In fact, he is the only President to have ever accomplished this task. Rarely, did he ever miss a day where he didn't make an entry (except for those horrific days where he had to recover from that all familiar bullet wound). In any case, his main purpose for his diary was not for himself (though he and Nancy admitted to having a laugh or two reading it years later). No, he kept a diary because he felt he was entrusted with something - an office - that was not his; an office that belonged to his American citizens. So he wrote so that one day his people - "We the People" - could read, reflect, learn, laugh, understand, relate, etc. And so, Reagan is my inspiration for this diary. Like he, I too am entrusted with something/or someone that is not really mine - my family. They are my inspiration and my entrustment from God. My letters are to them and for them and because of them.

Love you M&M!
Your Millyroux...

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