Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week in Review ...

Even though it's only Thursday,
here's our week in review....


Little MAE packed up his 
favorite toys
and decided he was going to visit 
his cousin, Nicolas who 
"lives between the two mountains".

He wore his backpack the entire day.
Much to Little MAE's dismay, 
we stayed home as trip to Roanoke, VA this week 
was just too far.  
We miss you Great Gramma and Great Aunt Arlene!


We ventured to Jump 4 Joey's 
for a bounce!

and then had a swim
in the neighborhood pool 
{except I forgot my camera}.


My goodness,
I can't remember 
what we did!?


We worked on our 
train tracks...

~And all along the way~

Ms. Lily Bean was a busy girl 
catching up on her 


Mr. MAE made reservations
to have dinner at the
So excited for a date!  

Happy August!
Millyroux &Co.

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