Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Post Edit Kind of Sunday

Saturday, I received an email from my Dear Auntie Jen!  I love getting emails from her!  I am even more excited that she has been reading my blog!  And she replied with some items to put in my list of "101 Things about Wales" , so today I made a Post Edit to my blog post, Where Dragons Live.  And just so you can meet her, below is a photo of my amazing Auntie Jen!

My Auntie Jen, Circa 2002, Aberystwyth Castle

And just for grins, 
And since I was digging up old photos,
here are just a few of my favorites snaps
 from my visits to the UK...

Me and my house when I was a baby - 
Carlton Ave West, Wembley England.
This is where it all began - where my Mom met Auntie Jen.  
Mom, Dad and I lived on the left side
of this English Duplex
 and my Auntie Jen lived on the right side.  
Mom and Jen met in a Thunderstorm 
when my Mom was scared and ran next door - 
to this day they have remained so close 
that Jen is not just Jen - she's My Auntie Jen.  
Not even the Atlantic Pond can keep them apart!  
Thank God for Thunderstorms and British Duplexes!  

Welsh Sign, Circa 2002

Me and View of Aberystwyth, Circa 1993

Me - Chasing Sheep in Snowdonia Wales, Circa 1993

Me and Paul, Trafalgar Square Circa 1993

Me in London, Circa 1993

Paul and Me, Circa 2002

Who is Paul?  Paul is Jen's son - so you could say he is my Welsh/British brother.

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