Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hobby goes Boogy

Mr. MAE and I decided it would be good enroll Little MAE in a hobby.
Perhaps he will make some local friends, have fun and learn something new.
I used to take TaeKwonDo and Mr. MAE is a member of every local Jiu-Jitsu club around town.  
Tonight after dinner, we visited a TaeKwonDo place next to where we ate dinner.
I won't name the place.
I was excited when we stopped in, we were greeted by the instructor - he seemed nice - he thought he knew Mr. MAE.
There was a Christian flag on the wall - always a good sign.
And then after talking to the instructor, Mr. MAE noted I had a boogy on my nose.
And then I was horrified.
And then Mr. MAE remembered where he knew the instructor.
And Little MAE seemed interested in the class.
But the instructor only talked to Mr. MAE from that point on.
Was it the boogy on my nose?!!
Why didn't he talk to me or Little MAE anymore?
I mean, I'm here too.
He won't even look at me?
Am I paranoid?
Have I ruined my son's new found hobby because of this boogy?

Later, driving home, Mr. MAE said we should shop around for more places to see.
Besides, My Mr. MAE is way better than that instructor.
That's right.
We're going to look around.
That's why I love my Mr. MAE.

I am Millyroux. I write bloggies to my son and husband and sometimes I stay up too late catching up on work and then I can't shut off my brain so I blog when I should be sleeping. If anyone invents a self boogy warning device, please email me.  


SarhaDawg said...

You are too funny!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

I'm laughing out loud and am now wide awake. ha ha ha ha ha ha!! THANKS for he smile and the laughter my sweet friend!!!