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Where Dragons Live (Post Edit 6.6.2010, in blue)

Me, Circa 2002, Aberystwyth Castle

101 Things about Wales

1. I love Wales.
2. Please visit this amazing country.
3. If you have never been, you really must go.
4. I have visited there only twice.  I think.  Yes, I think.
5. It's greener than even Ireland.  Yes, really.
6. You will meet loads of sheep, rolling hills, and wonderful people.
7. You will wonder what the Queen is up to and see lovely red post boxes.
8. You will start to talk with a more proper accent and say things like, "Mum" and "Ta-Ta".
9. You can visit llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch and you should!
10. Learning to say llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, is fun!  If you can't say this, you can say, llanfair-PG instead - I won't tell.
11. Catherine Zeta Jones is Welsh.
12. King Arthur and Guineviere were Welsh and the sword in the stone - yes, all happened in Wales.
13. Everyone owns goulashes. I think they call them slickers.
14. Cmyru = Wales.
15. Dragons live there.  Really, they do!
16. Visit Aberystwyth.  You can ride a tram up a hill.  It's way cool.
17. Dillan Thomas was from Swansea - you should visit his statue!  It's life size.
18. You will drink loads of tea and you will love it.
19. You will start calling cake, gateau instead.  Chocolate is the best kind.
20. They have really great chocolates.  Old Jamaica is the best - I believe it's English though. Cadbury I suppose.
21. Wildflowers grow everywhere.  My favorite is floxglove!
22. It rains a lot.  Basically, it rains all the time.  It's lovely rain.
23. People walk more.  You will too.
24. They drive on the other side of the road.
25. They have Starbucks.  Do they really, Paul? (Inside joke)
26. There are trails all over the country.  People really do love to walk.  Haven't I said this before?
27. There are castles everywhere.  I wish I could visit them all.  I tried.
28. My favorite castle is Caernafon castle. The prince of Wales was crowned there.  I spent an entire day there and then ate cucumber sandwiches. I miss cucumber sandwiches.
29. Swansea has a group of islands, called "The Mumbles".  Anyone speaking French would laugh at this.  Translation please?
30. You can drive on some of their beaches.  I drove on their beaches before I even knew how to drive in America.
31. There are pubs everywhere. But if you have to use the restroom, you must order a drink first.  Otherwise, they will not let you tinkle.  It happened to me once.
32. Despite the above, I still love Cymru.
33. You must buy a Welsh friendship spoon.  I have three.
34. You must buy a Welsh tea towel.  I have 10 or so.
35. You must visit Devil's bridge.  It's pretty darn neat.  Look out for the trolls.
36. You must visit The Ugly House.  It's really quite pretty.
37. It's a bilingual country and it's really fun to read the signs in English and Welsh.
38. It you accidentally bump into someone, don't say "excuse me", say "sorry".  Americans, trust me on this one.
39. If you do not clean your plate, expect the chef to visit you.
40. Order a ploughman's lunch.  Yum.  I make my own now.  I miss these.
41. Do not try to the beef.  Sorry.  The chicken is good.
42. There are loads of Indian restaurants.  Yum.
43. You can fly into their International Airport - Birmingham, Wales - BHX.
44. Wales is part of the UK.  The best part in my opinion.
45. There is a friendly rivalry between England and Wales.
46. Wales is much better to visit that England.
47. The people in Wales are beautiful and friendly.
48. The country is about the same size as Massachusetts.
49. I love the Welsh Flag.  See, I told you they have dragons!
50. I was born in Wembley (as in the city with the Stadium) England. That's not in Wales.  However, I would like to think I was really born in Wales instead.
51. You can try a candy called, "Turkish Delight".  To me they taste like chocolate covered pine-sol.  Not very nice.  I don't believe these are actually Welsh at all but they sell them in Wales.

***********Post Edit on 6.6.2010 from Auntie Jen....!
52. We speak Welsh as our first language!
53. We have a national dish called, "Cawl" which is a lovely stew.
54. We love Rugby and it's played with an oval ball.
55. Our national flower is a daffodil.
***********End, Post Edit

56. - 97. More to come from my Auntie Jen.....!

98. "Cymru au byth" is Welsh for "Wales Forever", the Welsh motto.
99. To learn more click here.
100. I wish I could live there.  If you visit, can I hide in your luggage?
101. If you're out there reading this Auntie Jen, Phil and Paul, I miss you and love you!!!

I am Millyroux.  I write bloggies to my son and husband and sometimes I wish I lived in Wales.  I stole this idea here from c jane.  

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