Friday, June 11, 2010

Meet Katie

Meet little Katie.  She's our little Italian Greyhound.  Most call these guys IG's.   Katie is the sweetest dog ever, though I know she is not without fault.  But along the lines of her little blessings she holds many.

She is basically how I met Mr. MAE (on a walk one day at Kennesaw Mountain).  She loves to snuggle under the covers and she does a good job keeping your feet toasty warm.  She knows how to play the game "look at me sideways" that only my brother G can make her do.  She can sit upon command - about half the time - and does so backwards with hind feet in the air instead of the reverse.  She loves bread and donuts and will steal them if you leave these lying about.  She likes to eat her food not in the dish but on the carpet - snatching up a few crunchy bits - only to eat them one at a time on the carpet.  People are drawn to her and often ask three questions.  I have always aspired to buy her a t-shirt that says the 3 responses.  1. yes my Mommy feeds me.  2. Yes, this is as big as I get.  3. And yes, I can very, very run fast just like my cousin the racing Greyhound.

So say hello to Katie.  She is the world's Fastest Couch Potato.  I love her. She was here with me before the rest of my family - Mr. MAE and Little MAE - and that's still special to me.  Sometimes I feel guilty about how neglected she is compared to the days when it was just me and Katie.  But she is still loved.  And one day (I can hope) Little MAE will love her and treat her kindly.  Maybe they will be buddies and snuggle late at night in the covers?


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SarhaDawg said...

I love KatieBug...She is precious!