Sunday, June 13, 2010

Diana, A Celebration

If I could have ever met anyone famous,
I would have picked the late Princess Diana.

one of my very best friends and I
 stood in the room with her famous
wedding dress.

I remembered watching her 
on her Wedding Day.  
I still remember her like this.

The world will never 
see another quite like her.

"...the unique, the complex,
the extraordinary and irreplaceable 
whose beauty, both internal and external,
will never be extinguished from our minds." 
[Eulogy, Diana's brother - Earl Spencer]


I am Millyroux. I write bloggies to my son and husband and I, with the rest of the world loved Princess Diana.  


SarhaDawg said...

It was memorable for sure. It drove the point home that Diana was a real person and a real Princess. She had faults, loves, frustrations, siblings and parents, just like us all. It is a true shame that her life ended in the way it did. She will forever be an iconic figure for all of us who remember her.

Pablo y Raquel said...

LOVED Diana. And sadly can still remember where I was when I first hear she died....a craft show in Lincoln Arkansas. My sister and I were wondering around and happened to overhear some vendors saying something about it. We thought 'surely not!!?' until we questioned them and they showed us a newspaper article. sigh.....

How neat that you got to go to the exhibit!! I know that was really cool!!