Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vacation Day 5 - Electra Cruiser

At home 
I have Wal-Mart bike 
that we bought a couple years ago.
I can never get the pink Wal-Mart bike to shift gears right.

We go camping and everyone rides bikes, 
I end-up pushing mine around.

Don't you feel sorry for me? 
Ha ha!

So after riding my rented Jamis bicycle at the campground,
and totally falling in love with it,
and then finding this 
comparable beauty 
Mike's Bike Store in Charleston
(we were just eating breakfast next door at Sweetwater Cafe'),
and finding out this Perl Mint Beauty 
was on SALE,
(and I can not pass up a sale!),
and listening to Mr. MAE bug me 
for quite some time to get me new bike
(really, he has been!),
I bought it!

Anyhow, when we get home, 
Mr. MAE says he will donate my pink shifty bike to Cops for Kids.
The men at the jail will fix my old Pink Wal-Mart bike and donate it to charity for Christmas.
Not that there is anything wrong with Wal-Mart bikes.  
Mine just needed some TLC and an owner who knows how to shift.

Welcome to the family little Electra Cruiser - Pearl Mint.
One Speed!
No Shifting!
Now, I can ride along in my very own Beach Cruiser 
with the rest of the family 
(instead of pushing it 
-- in fact -- 
let the records show -- that I am now faster than Mr. MAE)!



SarhaDawg said...

LOL! Go Manders! I love riding a bike, especially at the beach. I would ride a bike a lot more if I didn't live in the mountains :)

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

ooohh...saw this out front today and was oohing and aaahing over it myself. I thought it must be new, but never saw you to ask you about it!! It's lovely...simply lovely. I just love the look of it, so totally fun!!!