Thursday, May 20, 2010

Charleston - Vacation Day 5, Part 2

Charleston, Charleston, Charleston, 
(pronounced "Chaaar-stin" by the locals)
Tomorrow we are homeward bound.

In total we spent 
2 days at the beach (both Folly and Kiawah),
and 2 days in Old Town Charleston.

Charleston is an amazing city.
You really must see it!

You can walk along sidewalks with 
street vendors, amazing shops,
 and then you can find 
little alleys tucked away like this one...

that lead to places like this...

and at the end of the path,
you find cemeteries with tombstones so old 
that time has wash away their inscriptions, 
leaving them alone with their secrets
like these ones...

And then around the corner you find
amazing churches like this one...

and around the next corner 
you find an amazing home like this one,

with her green shady portico,
enwrapped in cool breezes...

and right around the next corner is
another church,
like this one...
(this is after-all called "The Holy City")

and then the next corner 
beholds another amazing home 
like this one (the Governor's house)...

and down a cobblestone path leads
you to beautiful buildings like this one...

and this one...

and along the way you might see
one of these, trotting down the road,
sharing stories of the city's old...

and yes, Charleston even has 
the best
"seefood" in town!

So be sure to come visit,
and I'll guarantee, 
you'll have smile before you leave!

And if you enjoy the countryside,
be sure to stay at 

I promise you will not
 bore from the many amenities...
water park,
dog park,
bike trails,
(super cool bike rentals if you've forgotten yours),
to name a few and more!

Millyroux & Co.


Linda said...

You took some great pics, Mandy! Reminded me why I love that place.
Sounds like lots of fun activities were packed into a few days.

SarhaDawg said...

Looks like ya'll had an awesome time. I'm jealous! Our vacay is not until July and it's in jeopardy this year thanks to that oil spill.

Love ya!

EmileeHope said...

I LOVE Charleston!! Looks like y'all have had a great vacation!