Thursday, May 20, 2010

Charleston - Vacation Day 4

Wednesday we made a day trip to Old Town Charleston.
We took horse carriage ride (after we got lost trying to find the stables).
Little MAE loved the horsey but after 5 minutes of the carriage tour he was bored and became
very restless.  Mr. MAE and I traded off holding him.
We walked down North and South Market Street and Mr. MAE bought
some Peanut Butter Moon Pies at the Moon Pie Store - (a whole store filled with Moon Pies?).
I bought my first Cheerwine soda and to me it didn't taste at all like Cherry. 
Mr. MAE finished it off.
Mr. MAE and I got lost several times.  
I kept holding the map wrong.
I now understand why there is something called, "Triangulation".  
You can pick two points (or streets) on a map but if you have the map upside down, 
you will get lost.  If you have three points (or streets) you can't go wrong.  
Learned that one a little too late!
I loved the church pictured above.  
Believe it or not it was made circular
so that the Devil can't corner you! 
For real!
Charleston is a beautiful city filled with lots of charming history.  

We finished out evening out with dinner here. Yum!

Oh and when we returned to our campground
we rented me a bike.  Mr. MAE already had his from home 
so Mr. MAE rented me one of these.

I am in love!  
I would love this one in pastel pink or blue.
Maybe oneday!?

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SarhaDawg said...

I loved Charleston but honestly, would rather go to Savannah. I like how Savannah is laid out. But Charleston was so historical and the buildings are wonderful.