Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Picture has nothing to do with post -- 
other than it just describes how my day went today.

Honestly, today was a difficult day for me.
But I absolutely must report my highlights:
Our new rain barrel works and after our first rain it is almost full!
Yes!  Thank you Mr. MAE!  Good idea. 
Mr. MAE emptied the dish washer and dirty dishes out of the sink.  
(Mr. MAE probably did a million other things that
I failed to mention here or notice
like feeding the dogs, etc.
But I especially hate emptying the dishwasher -
so Thank You, THANK YOU!! Love you!!)
Little MAE told me tonight at dinner eating his pizza, "Mommy, I love pemmeroni"!
I love "Pemmeroni" too!
Later at bedtime, Little MAE rambled on questions until he fell asleep.
Mommy, does Carter miss me?
Mommy, my eyes are not blue today.  They're purple.
Mommy, you have green eyes and black hair.
Mommy, what color hair does Daddy have?
Mommy, do you like bugs?
All Priceless questions that made me laugh away my cares.

[Pemmeroni = Pepperoni]

I saw a deer (or almost ran into one) in the woods 
running on the trails at work.  I stopped and he stopped 
- we were 10 feet apart - staring eye to eye -
and then after 30 seconds of serious staring - he ran away.
A moment just before I had just asked God to please give me a sign.
I wonder what this means?


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

no idea but I find deer so perhaps God is saying 'peace be still'
Hope you get your answers and have a better day today!! You're a wonderful treasure of God's!!!

SarhaDawg said...

The deer was saying "so...that's what that smell is."

Har har har