Tuesday, May 25, 2010

8:28 June 21 (Remembering Little MAE's Birthday Part 2)


It was a very blurry start and my lips did get numb, but everything went fine and at 8:28 am you entered this world with a scream! Dr. S dangled you high above my head - your arms and legs swinging out in protest from being ripped out of your warm little pod.  Daddy immediately gave a HUGE sigh of relief!

Our first family photo!

I couldn't hold you but I got to say hello!

And you got to say hello back!

While the doctors stitched 
Mommy-Humpty-Dumpty back together again,
the nurses took you for your Apgar Test.  
You had a heart murmur but praise God,
it went away on it's own by the next morning.

And then off to a bath...

And then Daddy gave you your first diaper....

By the way,
Daddy changed about 99% of your diapers at the hospital.
He had to teach me how to do this since I was in bed for a while.
He also had to show me how to swaddle you and hold you.
Did I mention that you have wonderful Daddy who loves you so much?

There are a several funny stories about our time in the hospital.
We wouldn't say they were funny at the time, but we can look back and laugh now.
They involve moments
where Daddy almost punched a doctor,
where Mommy actually believed you were stolen by nurses
and roamed the hospital at 3am looking for you,
just to name a couple.

I'll save these and more for a rainy day.

Life isn't ever perfect or often as expected.
It is however, a blessing.  A gift.

It's amazing that 3 years have almost gone by since you were born!
I can't imagine a world without you now.
We Love you, Love you, Love you!!!


From here  -- 4 days old and first day at home, asleep with Daddy.

To here -- 2 years 11 months later...throwing sand at Daddy!

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