Saturday, May 29, 2010


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We've been working a little bit the back yard.
Normally, we just have mud and bugs.
Doesn't that sound lovely?
So this year, we tried to add a little more green (emphasis on "little").

Nadja (our four legged German member of the family)
has created a series of muddy trails in our back yard.
 Recently, we outlined some of these trails with some river rocks
and filled them in with wood chips.
It's helped to keep her from tracking in so much mudd in the house.
So...after years of trying to get grass to grow in her trails,
we basically decided to make them official.
If you can't beat um, then join 'um, right?! 

We also hooked up a rain barrel
to slow the rain erosion from the side of our house.
(Zoom pic to see - top center photo.)
And since we have a surplus of rain water,
we started some container pot gardening.
Nothing too serious.
I started with some herbs -
rosemary, greek oregano, parsley, basil.
Later Mr. MAE came home with mint, cilantro, dill
and then some vegetables, tomatoes, green peppers and chilies.
Oh and some jalepenoes.  We shall see!

Tonight, I took some old mason jars
and turned them into lanterns.
I quite like these.
I used Citronella candles
 and we've got bug repellant and cute lights - all in one!  

We have more plans for the yard -
next is Little MAE's playground.
We're hoping to figure that out before his birthday (end of June).

Millyroux & Co.


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

It looks AWESOME!! I loooovee the mason jars!! You'll have to show me how you did them!!

SarhaDawg said...

Looks great! You have found great ways to solve problems. I have tomatoes growing on my deck too. I would plant them in the yard except that we have lots of deer that roam at night. i've planted herbs in the yard, though. Deer don't eat those :)

EmileeHope said...

So cute! Our back yard looks horrible...I guess that means now I am going to have to work on that!! (Someday!)