Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Take Two, Donkey Take Two

Today was the
St. Patrick's Day Parade 
at Little MAE's school.  

Here comes the Parade - Lead by the youngest!

And here comes Little MAE's class, 
"The golden nuggets"...

Can you spot Little MAE below?
Hint, you can see him but he can't see you!

And now he spots Mommy in the crowd,
and tries to break for it.  Too bad, teacher was
too fast!

And so Little MAE continues walking,
hand in hand,
with his buddy C.

The End 
of the Parade.

Tonight we came home
the Little Donkey!

Isn't he adorable?!!

Sssshhhhh, we took 
him some

1 comment:

SarhaDawg said...

He's growing so fast! He's gonna be a good looking young man!