Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drive Home, Christmas in March?

Driving home yesterday, Little MAE said, "I want music".

I responded, "Okay, what would you like to listen to?".

He responded, "Christmas Tree music, please".

I responded, "We do not have that kind of music today in the car.  Christmas is a long time from now".

He responded, "Tell me a story about Thomas and Percy at the beach".

Made up another story about Thomas and Percy (from Thomas the Tank Engine) at the beach with Matthew.  Little MAE always helps me tell the story too.  It always begins with Little MAE riding on Percy or Thomas to the beach...up the hills they go...down the hills they go...chug...chug...chug...and then the story usually ends with Little MAE digging tunnels for the trains in the sand.  At the end of the story the trains are in his pockets.

Just love the little things Little MAE says.  Nothing, NOTHING, is really impossible in a 2.5 year old's mind - Christmas in March, riding on trains that he can later put in his pocket!

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