Wednesday, August 17, 2011


There has been
adjustment in our family.

Not every day in the E household
has been a pretty as these pictures.
There have been 
I though Little MAE 
{resident former only child}
{and let me say this kindly}
less than nice to little LGE.
Oh yes, since little LGE arrived, 
there have been moments
where I've caught Little MAE
bouncing Little LGE, say much higher than the bouncy seat was ever intended,
smushing {yes, my word} her passy, perhaps further  in her mouth than she appreciated,
driving cars, trucks, and tanks across her feet until she screamed,
and once caught in the act of said above,
even proved to grin that grin
that I can only describe as one similiar to the Grinch.
For weeks, I have thought,
oh no, whatever will I do?
Is every firstborn out to get the second?
I don't remember ever being this way?
I think we may have turned the corner.
Yesterday, I dropped Little LGE's bottle top,
and Little MAE,
washed, dried and brought it back to me.
And driving home from an errand,
reached over and placed a passy gently back into 
crying LGE's mouth.
He told me today,
"Mommy, I'm her protector".
And so it goes...
blood is indeed thicker than water.

Hugs and Kisses,

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