Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy 40 Years Serving the Navy

Granddaddy retired from the Navy after 40 years of service!!

Here he is with his new hobby!

To honor his 40 years of service, the US Navy gave him the American flag flown at the 
USS Arizona Pearl Harbor Memorial
the USS Missouri (site where Japan surrendered WWII).  

Image from Wikipedia.

Image from Wikipedia.

There is more to this story - Granddaddy's Dad (my Pop Pop) served
in the Navy in the Pacific while Pearl Harbor was bombed.  But that is another story...

 Granddaddy - We love you and are very proud you!  

Millyroux & Co!

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SarhaDawg said...

Does that mean he'll stay on US soil from now on? R they still living in Miami?

I'm so happy for him. What an honor for you and your family!