Friday, February 12, 2010

At Moe-Moe's Request, Snow Day 2010

Gramma, affectionately known as "Moe-Moe", requested to see some photo's of Little MAE playing in the snow. She said all 50 states now have snow today, yes even Hawaii and Florida received some snow.


Round 1 - About 1 Inch of Snow, Little MAE and Skarloey the Train

Round 2 - About 2.5 Inches of Snow

And a snow angel by yours truly!

P.S. Sorry Moe-Moe, I left Little MAE's gloves at school yesterday. We had to instead play a game where I would warm them up with my hands. It worked for a little while and then thank the Lord, Little MAE said, "I need to go in my house!".

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EmileeHope said...

Isn't all this snow fun!! I am loving it!