Friday, September 9, 2011

Unhappy Feet and then I've Got Hands

Two weeks ago, 
Matthew Magoo went to his first soccer practice.

He looked absolutely adorable in his practice gear,
but unfortunately, when he met the field, 
things did not go as planned.

So maybe we'll try something else next season.

Also, it was about two weeks ago that
Little Lilly Bean started smiling!

And she also found
her hand....

{of course, necessary to finding the hand 
is that tongue}

Ah, and then she found the other 


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ha ha...I have memories of John Mark's first attempt at soccer...and only. We did finally make it through the season, but that was not without a few tears and his Daddy taking him early to every practice and game so that he could 'acclimate' each time. Whew....that was the only time we attempted that! Matthew looks so cute in his soccer gear though!!
And oh how cute that Lilly found her hands. LOVE all the pictures...adorable!!