Thursday, April 29, 2010

Layer Cake and Not Friday

Today, I got the new "Layer Cake" in the mail
 that I ordered for Mom/Moe-Moe's new house.
No, not a real cake.  
A layer cake.  
Well, I was too.
A layer cake is a collection of 10"x10" color coordinated material swatches
Layer Cakes are wonderful!!  
No cutting if you want a 10"x10" quilt blocks!
Who would have thought?
Quilters, I'm learning must love food.
There is also something called a Jelly Roll!

Today I kept thinking it was Friday.  
I called two girlfriends, and asked about plans for tomorrow.
They proceeded to tell me they had to work? Work on Saturday, huh? 
Oh wait, it's Thursday!  
This has been a very long week!



EmileeHope said...

Love the new fabric! (I haven't ordered a Jellyroll or Layer cake before, but that does look nice to cut out the cutting work and save time!)

SarhaDawg said...

I'm so impressed that you quilt. I would love to learn that.

I would also love to have a sewing machine and sew clothes. There are so many cute styles out there for girls' clothes that I know I could do if I had the resource.

miss you my friend :)