Sunday, March 21, 2010

Run, Donkey, and Not a Monet

Dear Little MAE,

Weekend in review.   We have lovely weather Friday and Saturday so we stayed outside most of the weekend soaking in the sun.  Mommy and Daddy ran some more.  Still training for a 5K.  Daddy should be all set but I'm still working on it.  

On the way home from work, I noticed the cute little donkey by our house.  As I drove by the fence, two ladies were walking down the road and the little donkey just hurried along their side as they passed the fence.  He looked so happy to have visitors.  Note to self - we must take him some carrots soon.  I believe donkey's are social animals and this little donkey doesn't seem to have a friend. He always looks so lonely.  Well, he used to have a emu (or something like it) staying with him but I haven't seen him in a while.  Little MAE, it's funny, you often say, "He needs his Carter" (meaning he needs a best friend like you have with your buddy Carter at school).  

Saturday night, I went out with Emilee for a late night painting session at Sips and Strokes.  We were to paint Monet's Japanese Bridge but I can say mine looks nothing like the original!  None the less, I had so much fun chatting away with Emilee and her mother in law. 

This was my second adventure painting at Sips and Strokes.  I think I like my first painting better.  Be sure to watch on Emilee's blog for her picture updates!  Both Emilee's and her mother in law's paintings were great!!

Hugs, Millyroux  

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