Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goodbye House at Wind Song Trace

Sometimes things must come to an end.

Goodbye house at Wind Song Trace.  I will miss you.  You will forever be part of my childhood and Little MAE's too.

I remember
...Moe-Moe painting the walls green to Michael Jackson music.
...Painting a hornet on Uncle G's bedroom wall.
...Our Neighbors - Cindy and Kenny, Rusty, Chris; Dorothy and John Sr, Jonathan, Jennifer; Bruno and  Candy, Mikey, Nick; Melinda and Bill and their 4 boys, Bill and Carl; Peggy and Brenda; Lisa and what was his name?  Jennifer...
...Puddie !!!!!! Meeeeeow and then later "____ow" when her voice was almost gone!  Her sock children! Laughing.
....Oh our pets...
...Maggie the sweet little red dog!
...Brandy "Brans" the sweet brown dog!
...Me-Me the tabby cat (and cucumbers on my eyes)!
...Max (aka "Scruff") the blue eyed cat!
...Chop, Chops the neighborhood dog!
...Buz the yellow bird!
...Pawsie the crazy Siamese cat!
...Spuddy and his burgers!
...Woody the bird!
...Hermie the hermit crab - maybe you will finally find him when you move?
...Jawzie the fish!
...Sammy running around - he was such a stick dog and with that tiny ball!
...Yellow bird!
...My old daybed, my old room, my one zillion stuffed animals (where did they go by the way?)
...Hiding in the basement closet from tornados after school
...Walking up and down the lOOOOOng hilly road to the school bus stop.  Please Mom can I have a ride?

...Starting 6th grade, 7th grade....High School....Graduation....
...Going off to Europe, college and then CFA............

...Putting a Ba-Zillion glow in the dark stars and moons on Moe-Moe and Pop-Pops bedroom ceiling and a comet on the ceiling fan.  Wow!  They are still there! 
...Uncle G, Uncle Dave and Uncle Bob turning the power off again, again and again to keep me from watching General Hospital!  Why did they do that?  
...Christmas, New Years, Birthdays!  
...Moe-Moe painting the walls again, again, and again.  I think the walls are closing in on us now?!
...The boat going down the driveway and CRASH BANG into the TREE!
...Riding our go-cart!
...Getting the mail.  It's my turn Uncle Dave!  
...Taking apart things around the house....clocks, watches, vacuums, hmmmm, what can I take apart?
...Moe-Moe when she bought Uncle G a car at a garage sale.  Ha ha ha!  That was funny!  
...Rearranging the living room and dining room while Moe-Moe was at work.  That wasn't a good idea!
...Bringing Mr MAE to meet the parents.
...Filling baskets of bubbles for our wedding.
...Opening all our cards and wedding presents in the big comfy chair and then leaving for Jamaica!
...Sitting on the fireplace telling Moe-Moe and Pop-Pop the good news about being expectant parents.  
...Little MAE rolling on the floor, crawling on the floor, walking, running, riding his train around the house.
...Moe-Moe putting blankets around the fireplace so Little MAE wouldn't crash into it!
...The Thanksgiving where EVERYTHING went wrong - the raw turkey, Little MAE's projectile vomit, the ruined casseroles!  We cried and laughed so hard!
...Mostly, I will remember laughing and loving out loud!  

Just to name a few of our moments from the 20-Almost 30 years on Wind Song Trace.  Here's to another 30 years Moe-Moe and Pop-Pop in your new home!  Happy contract sighing today!


P.S.  Don't worry Moe-Moe and Pop-Pop....I will get you some new glow in the dark stars for your new bedroom.

P.P.S.  Anyone reading this - I didn't live with Uncles, Moe-Moe's, or Pop-Pop's.  Those are actually my brothers, my Mom and my Step-Dad.  I am just used to speaking in "Mommy-tense" for Little MAE.

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SarhaDawg said...

Where did they move to? Did they sell their house?