Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear Monday

Dear Monday,

I am not sure why you and I are not getting along too well these last few weeks. Today was no exception.

Off to work I go. Key in ignition, foot on break, garage door open, seat belt on, car in reverse gear, check left and right mirror (so to not knock them off AGAIN) all clear...ready....foot on gas...WHAM BANG AND STOP! Opps!!! Forgot to check the REAR VIEW MIRROR!! Yes, all three mirrors are there for a reason it seems! Yes INDEED, there is a CAR BEHIND ME today! OOPS! Get out of the car and inspect both vehicles. Good thing that the car behind me isn't your average car - the car I ran into, well let's just say can take the hit! He he he. Good report today - No damage to either vehicle. The Honda is still Happy! Safely escaped this little mishap. Now off to tell husband to move vehicle #2.

Off to work again I go (with all clear behind me this round).

Drop off item at friend's house. All clear here too. More on this later.

Arrive at work approximately 45 minutes later. Foot on break, car in park, ignition off, keys ejected. Turn around to grab coat and laptop bag from back seat. What? No laptop bag in back seat. Dejected, keys back in ignition, starting car, car in reverse....dialing phone number of manager to report tardiness.

One hour and 30 minutes later, arrive at work, again.

Fear not. When life gives you lemons, what do you do? Make lemonade, why of course. Only I didn't have any lemons or sugar and I am willing to bet that making lemonade while driving isn't a good idea. So instead, I just got some extra time in on chatting with God and singing to the Fish 104.7 and J93.3. Really needed those songs. So :P to you, Monday!


P.S. Monday, and by the way, what happened to the snow you scheduled today?


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

oh my...oh my....OH MY!!! We might not have gotten snow (which I woke up periodically all through the night to look outside for) but WOW what a gorgeous day! apparently a perfectly gorgeous day for jamming to the fish!! ha ha!!
here's to TUESDAY!!!

EmileeHope said...

Wow!! How frustrating!!It sounds like you made the best of it!!